We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people, organizations, and businesses who have lent their neverending support to Pioneer City County Museum.  With your help we are able to offer educational resources to our community and better care for our community's heritage.

Organization Supporters:

The Woman's Forum has sponsored PCCM since the Forum's inception.  These ladies work tirelessly all year to help raise funds for us and take care of our most basic and costly needs such as a refrigerator for general operations.  Over the years they've organized "Tour of Homes", hat shows, fashion shows, and many more events for PCCM.  More recently, without the support of the Woman's Forum, PCCM would not be able to kick off the Halloween holiday with Pumpkins on the Porch.

Individual Supporters:

The Dickson Family has lent their continuous support to PCCM over the past two decades.  Kathy Dickson keeps the memory of her husband, R. Temple Dickson, III alive through her generous contributions of all his Texas Senate artifacts and documents as well as financial contributions to our general operations.

Jeff Allen of Wetsel & Carmichael, LLP has been an immense help to PCCM.  He has taken over establishing the Nolan County Historic Commission, was vital in procuring the majority donation for Practical Prodigies, and continues to support all our conservation and program efforts.

Missionaries from the Church of Latter Day Saints these young men have been a gift to us.  The elders have completed projects in just a few visits that we have tried to accomplish for the past 6 months.  If you happen to see them around town thank them for their hard work.

Mona Lambert has worked to begin scanning and digitizing a portion of our photograph collection.

Judge David Hall has also committed to scanning and digitizing a portion of our photograph collection.

Jose Villafranca and Tim Hendrix have committed to building 3 partition walls per piece for our chapel renovation due to begin late 2016 to early 2017.

Paul Nash built all of the shelving for PCCM's newly installed research room and greatly increased our ability to archive and display records for community research.

Clark Hitt is a World War II Veteran who has helped tremendously in cataloging our military collection, as well as offering our staff pricelessly valuable knowledge.  You can view one of our interviews with Mr. Hitt in our Virtual Tour Interviews.  

Enez Ensenia is currently volunteering her time to organize our Research Room into working order.

Municipal Supporters:

City of SweetwaterNolan County, and the Chamber of Commerce for supporting us financially, with staff support for the maintenance of our facilities, community service workers through the 32nd Judicial District Community Supervisions and Corrections Department, as well as their support of all our community events.

Sweetwater Fire Department for their continued interest in PCCM and support of our many projects and exhibits including Sweetwater's first ladder-truck and our soon to open interactive street exhibit.

Sweetwater Police Department for their continued vigilance in the security of the museum.

Sweetwater County-City Library for always sharing information and our enthusiasm for bringing educational programming to the children of our community.

Sweetwater Independent School District for their endless support of all our children's programs, special exhibits, and after-school program.  Without SISD's support we would be unable to effectively serve our community's children.

Corporate Supporters:

Ludlum Measurements, Inc. supports PCCM in a myriad of ways.  From their Corporate Membership to the paper and ink they donate for our daily operations and special events they truly keep us going.

Gene Parsons, Parsons' Rentals, for his generous donation of the use of a manlift so that gentlemen from the city could decorate the Ragland House for Christmas.

Lindsay Sanders, All Things Printed, for her creative help with our exhibit and program displays as well as her ability to read our director's mind and turn out products seemingly overnight.  We are grateful for her skills.

Jennifer and Michael Sager, The Flower Box, for their contributions to Pumpkins on the Porch, and for helping to keep the museum smell inviting with their WoodWick line of home fragrances.

Billy Joe Jay, Sweetwater Frame and Galleryfor his excellent craftsmanship and donation of his services to our special exhibits.

Today's Headlines sponsors us in many ways including: setting up and cleaning up for various events throughout the year as well as donating supplies necessary to pull off these events, donate candy and prizes for Pumpkins on the Porch and our booth at Scare on the Square, office and display supplies for various exhibits, and also sponsored a student for our after-school program, Practical Prodigies.

Wetsel & Carmichael, LLP, for their generous support of our after-school program, Practical Prodigies.   Their donation of $1,000.00 sponsored 6 children to attend our program, which is designed to create more well-rounded children and to improve their self-esteem and decision making through hands-on workshops taught by local citizens.

Gypsy Jangle has drastically improved PCCM's archive through their shelving donation.  We were sorely lacking space to best protect our artifacts and this generous donation has tripled our storage space.