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As a child, the first history you probably learned was from a story an older family member told you.  Story telling is one of the most important tools we have in preserving history.  Videos, like these, of firsthand accounts of real lives lived are invaluable to the preservation of our history.  If you like these interviews and would like to see more of them, then please support our video production by clicking the link here.  

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This video served as the test screening of the 1st installment in the documentary series "life Experiences During..." This project is currently in production and seeking funding. It is planned to be a six part series that tells unheard stories from people that lived during different eras and events such as integration/civil rights, the drought, the oil/wind booms of West Texas, etc.

Jaque McCoy recalls her time at the Ragland House.

Clark Hitt - 10th Mountain division

Franzas Cupp, Former Director of the Pioneer Museum, talks about living in Nolan County's third Courthouse.