Board of Directors

Jerry Byrd, Chairman of the Board.  Mr. Byrd is a retired teacher who now spends his time as a rancher and volunteer firefighter.   Mr. Byrd was born and raised in Nolan and Fisher Counties in Texas and has a vested interested in our local history.  In his spare time he likes to read, spend time in outdoor activities, and attend church.

Janie Porter, Finance Committee.  Mrs. Porter is a native West Texan with a strong desire to preserve our local history.  She is a working mother/grandmother who believes that young people can and should learn from the past.

Stacy Boil, Events and Fundraising Committees.  Mrs. Boil is a Sweetwater native who is committed to serving her community.  Stacy is very involved in her church and a young woman's civic group, Women in God.  

James Craig, Events Committee.  Mr. Craig is new to Sweetwater, but has become an integral part of our community.  In his spare time, James contributes to the arts of the community through various public performances in singing and church choir.

Jeff Allen, Building Committee.  Mr. Allen is also new to Sweetwater, but has made a home here with his family.  Jeff is invested in preserving and protecting the history of Nolan County and its historic sites.

Diane Trent, Events Committee.  Mrs. Trent is our Woman's Forum representative.  She is a longtime resident of Sweetwater and an invaluable member of our community.

Stan Johnson, Fundraising Committee.  Mr. Johnson is a lifelong resident of Nolan County.  He is a rancher and author of several books, including a collection of short stories about life in Sweetwater.  Stan also writes a weekly column for our local newspaper, the Sweetwater Reporter.

Sherrie Whittenburg, Events Committee.  Mrs. Whittenburg is an admired educator in our community.  Sherrie has a passion for education and history and believes that teaching our next generation about their predecessors is important to preserving our community's heritage.

Kerry Baker, Building Committee.  Mr. Baker was born and raised in Sweetwater and served our community as a firefighter for 21 years.  Kerry is now the Senior Coordinator for Hendrick Medical Supply in Sweetwater and Snyder. 


Melonnie Hicks, Executive Director.  Ms. Hicks has served as the museum's Executive Director for 4 years.  Melonnie is a Sweetwater native and has a passion for history and education.  The museum is an ideal place to combine these interests into bettering our community.