Artifacts play an important role in teaching the stories of yesterday to the children of today, but conservation and preservation are required to protect them for future generations. 

As a visitor to PCCM you’ve seen our 1926 American LaFrance ladder truck, and probably heard its bell and siren echo through the barn.  You’ve marveled at the mammoth tusk, pottery, jewelry, and arrowheads hiding like a gem in our basement, or wondered at Suzanne Sear’s Dress and the Fleming Family Hair Wreath.

By Adopting an artifact, you support Pioneer City County Museum in our preventative care, treatment, archive, and display of all objects in our collection.  Adopting an Artifact is a fun way to support PCCM and ensure the long-term preservation of our community’s heritage.  Please browse our online collection to view our featured artifacts and make your selection.*

All Adopt-An-Artifact gifts will be acknowledged with:

  • A 5"x7" glossy photo of your artifact
  • A 5"x7" card detailing your artifact's provenance

*You may also make a quick donation in the amount of $20, $50, $100, $500, or $1,000.  You will be allowed to specify which artifact you would like to adopt.  If you'd like to make a general rather than specific conservation donation your glossy photo will be randomly chosen from the photographed artifacts in our collection. 

Quick Donation

Featured Artifacts

Tio Sam was as famous for his particular style of dress as he was for making saddles.  These boots have been damaged over the decades and are in serious need of a professional treatment to preserve them.  The estimated cost of treatment, preservation, and display is $2,500.  These boots can be adopted in all quick donation increments or other specified amount. 

Adopt S.D. Myres' Boots